Martha Skinner – Concept, principal investigator

Martha Skinner is a professor at Clemson University and co-founder of fieldoffice. Skinner’s research looks at our built environment as a delicate ecology and exploits representation methods that visualize the cycles of life in order to understand and more acutely address temporal, social and environmental issues. Skinner has completed a series of living maps of cities, which include New York, Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Barcelona. As the 1999 Walter B. Sanders Fellow at the University of Michigan, Skinner developed Notation A/V, a seminar about the merging of drawing and moving image. Currently she is exploring the intimate relationship between the human body and the city body by combining the mathematical and sensual information captured with GPS (global positioning systems) and A/V (audio/ video) devices. Her work in fieldoffice with partner Douglas Hecker, which range in scale from the design of handheld toys to the design of urban scale interventions, filter, transmit, capture, and celebrate the intangible qualities of the passing of time with solutions that address the relationships between humans and the ecologies in which they are situated. Prior to teaching and forming fieldoffice, Skinner worked in New York City at various offices including Architecture Research Office, Hariri and Hariri Design, Resolution: 4 Architecture, and Toshiko Mori Architect. Skinner received Bachelor degrees in architecture from the University of Florida, and from the Cooper Union where she received the Abraham E. Kazan Fund Prize for Urban Design Studies. She completed a Master in architecture and urban culture from The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s Metropolis program. Her work, the work of her students and her work with fieldoffice has been exhibited internationally and recognized in publications such as Discover Magazine, ID magazine, Metropolis Magazine, Business Week, Architectural Record, Transmaterial, and WordChanging. Honors for Skinner’s work include five awards from I.D. Magazine, a Next Generation Award from Metropolis Magazine and inclusion in the 10th Venice Biennale.

Douglas Hecker – Production

Douglas Hecker is a co-founder of fieldoffice along with Martha Skinner. Fieldoffice is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary design studio whose design work ranges from toys, affordable housing products, films to highway barriers. Fieldoffice works from the notion that the field of design combines visionary ideas with real world problems. Fieldoffice undertakes design issues that address pressing environmental and social problems facing humanity that are often overlooked by conventional specialized design practices. The work of fieldoffice has been published in a diverse array of publications such as Business Week, Discover Magazine, Architectural Record, and ID magazine and has been honored by inclusion in the 10th Venice Biennale of Architecture and the awarding of a Next Generation Award from Metropolis Magazine in 2007.

Hecker received his Bachelor of Architecture in Design from the University of Florida and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University where he was the recipient of the William F. Kinne Fellowship. In his role as a professor Hecker focuses on mentoring a new generation of design activists that see in the contemporary world a multitude of opportunities for change. His research focuses on the role of advanced technologies (CAD/CAM, digital fabrication) in design in order to empower individuals and communities by inventing “systems” that provide greater access to design through a combination of advanced technology and activism. Hecker founded (a digital fabrication shop at the Clemson School of Architecture) and ddbNOLA (digital design build New Orleans) to pursue this aim. Hecker has taught previously at the University of Michigan where he was a Visiting Assistant Professor. Prior to teaching, he worked at Handel Architects in New York City as an Associate Designer.

Alejandro Gómez – Interactive

Alejandro Gomez is co-founder, executive creative director and head of Colombian operations of Zemoga. He is an award-winning designer and developer of interactive solutions and his work has been featured in multiple industry award showcases. Gómez’s quiver of ground breaking work includes developing wireless interfaces for ATG, gaming sites for Polo/Ralph Lauren and Nickelodeon, and trading system interfaces for leading investment banks like ING, Morgan Stanley and Brown Brothers Harriman. Gómez brings a specialization in user centric design and technology solutions to Zemoga that leverage the relationship that clients have with their customers. He specializes in creating comfortable scenarios that motivate customers to act on and retain information. Gómez is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School’s multimedia program and his understanding of emerging digital technologies has been vital to companies striving to meet their business objectives.

Anonymous Volunteers

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DH_18091965 M. A. P.

MG_26121967 M. CA. P. E.

MS_18091965 F. H/A. P. S.

VK_16051974 M. E. S.

Special Thanks to:

Alexander Pilis, Suzanne Strum and Xavier Costa from The Metropolis Program in Barcelona and to Catalina Gómez, Vasilis Kyriakopoulos, Manuel Tuteigua, Sophia Hecker-Skinner, Roy Ettinger, Anat Katsir, and Patricia Pérez Salem.

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